Niagara Furniture Bank collects gently used housewares and furniture in order to provide individuals and families within the Niagara Region with beds, tables, chairs and other housewares.

The members of your community that receive these items are referred by organizations like: Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Programs, Canadian Mental Health Association, Public Health, Family and Children’s Services, YWCA – Shelters and Transitional Housing, Hope Centre, Port Cares, Community Cares and other local referral partners.

Since becoming a charity January 1, 2008 Niagara Furniture Bank has been helping families and continues to grow within the Niagara Region. In 2009 when we got our first truck, we served 43 families and individuals. In 2019 we assisted 704 families and individuals with housewares needed to make a safe home. We also repurposed almost 500,000 pounds of housewares that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills.


Tons Repurposed in the 10,000's

People who Donated

Individuals Assisted

Families Assisted

Executive Summary

Niagara Furniture Bank uses a social enterprise approach to improve clients’ housing quality and stability. Niagara Furniture Bank (NFB) collects gently used furniture from private homes and businesses for a fee, and then delivers the furnishings to individuals and families who can access housing but cannot afford to furnish their homes.

In 2019 the NFB was able to assist 704 families and individuals improve their housing quality. During the NFB processes we are able to repurpose over 450,000 pounds of housewares that would end up in landfills.

The organization is based on the notion that a “shelter” is not a “home” without furnishings. The NFB operates on minimal fees charged to donors for removal, referral agents for delivery and monetary donations from various organizations. This allows the business costs to be covered while delivering quality housewares to those financially unable to support themselves.


“A world where no one sleeps on the floor…”


To aid those who are experiencing unfortunate circumstances within our community. By taking gently used household items and repurposing them for those who are in disadvantaged situations we make a “shelter” a “home”…




Treat everyone with compassion and kindness


A duty to our community to assist those in need to have a home not just a shelter


To allow our community to be confident in our practices and proud of our organization


Spearhead programs in the community by delivering quality items, services and value

Best Practices

Leading the community by committing to exceeding existing policies and lowering environmental impact


Rooted in strong moral principles and honesty, above all


Encourage pride by creating a safe home to heal and grow.


Because nobody deserves to sleep on the floor...

Niagara Furniture Bank

Retail Store

Retail Store Hours

Tuesday's 11:00am to 2:00pm
Wednesday's 11:00am to 2:00pm
Thursday's 11:00am to 2:00pm

Upcoming Events

  1. Warehouse Sale Fundraiser

    December 12 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  2. January Drop Off Donation Event

    January 23, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Coronavirus Update: The Niagara Furniture Bank is Open

Coronavirus Update: The Niagara Furniture Bank is Open

As part of the The Prime Minister of Canada’s introduced strategies, in working with the Canadian Alliance to End Homeless and to aid in the quick and fast response to COVID-19, the Niagara Furniture will remain OPEN. The Prime Minister of Canada is quoted in saying,...

COVID – 19 – Niagara Furniture Bank Release

COVID – 19 – Niagara Furniture Bank Release

The Niagara Furniture Bank Teams are currently working to ensure ALL community users who are currently scheduled to receive items do just that.  In order to assist in Social Distancing, we will only be delivering curbside and will not be entering any residence.  All signatures that are normally mandatory are being waived.

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