Niagara Furniture Bank helped me leave my footprint in the world.

When I graduated on December of last year , I was really sad actually. Because For the last 3 year Niagara College was my home . I had made a lot of friends. I got really attached to my dorm room too. Those 4 walls had a lot of stories to tell. Because during the whole pandemic I lived there. I had more memories in these last 3 years than I have ever made in my entire life. Welland was so much fun.  The city might seem dead from the outside but for someone who knows the city it is full of mysteries. I was even part of the YMCA in Welland.  In those time I got to help a lot of people. Even Niagara college is good with helping struggling students too. Even my girlfriend used to be a volunteer at the Elisha house.So when it was time for me leave Welland and pursue the real world I wanted to leave my footprint behind. I wanted to donate everything I had to other struggling kids in the College. Especially my box springs and mattress. Because I knew a lot of kids who were just sleeping on the floor with just some bedsheets with no box springs or mattresses. So i contacted Niagara furniture bank who I had know from my time in YMCA.

” Your life on earth will be graded by the effect of the footprints that you leave behind “

So I contacted them for my furniture donation. They were cool about picking-up my  furniture and donating it to others in need. Their services were really amazing. I received a charitable tax receipt for all donated items. I am more than satisfied with their services. From the phone call till the actual pick-up they were very polite and efficient. I would be more than happy recommend Niagara Furniture Bank to someone in need of an Furniture pick-up.  Moreover I am really that i could help someone else in need.

Peter – Welland – Furniture Pick up

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Our Offices are Temporary Closed

For immediate Release – June 7, 2022

Dear Community, Staff, Partners, Donors and Friends,

Niagara Furniture Bank has been an integral part of the community since 2008, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs and have always persevered. The goal of this organization has always been to serve those in need as no one ever deserves to sleep on the floor. Due to the Pandemic, unforeseen circumstances and financial hardship the Niagara Furniture Bank has had to make the hard decision to temporarily close as of May 13, 2022. This decision did not come lightly and we weighed all options prior to closure. Efforts are ongoing to explore the feasibility to continue supporting our community.

We ask for patience, understanding and empathy during this time.

Niagara Furniture Bank