COVID – 19 – Niagara Furniture Bank Release

Dear Friends,

To our Community Donors and Community Users

These are tough days for our city, our Niagara Region and the world, as a whole as we all suffer from the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID -19).  With a very large number of workplaces, and business being closed and put to dark, know that our love, light and devotion to our donors and community users are who we will be always here to continually aid and assist.

To our donors, thank you for your donations of gifts, you have imagined what this must be like when you have nothing at all and for that we thank you for aiding those here in our community.

To our community users, in future we will continue to ensure that you get what you need and that . . no one will sleeps on the floor.

As of this day and time, in order to protect the most vulnerable, The Niagara Furniture Bank will be ceasing all operations in order to help and assist in flattening the curve.

The Niagara Furniture Bank is monitoring this situation extremely carefully, taking the direction from the World Health Organization; The Canadian Centre for Disease Control; the Province of Ontario’s Chief Medical Office, The Niagara Region, and the Niagara Regional Public Health Office.

The protection of our staff, our donors and community users is of the utmost concern to us at the Niagara Furniture Bank.  It is through the above organizations that we will be doing our part to prevent the spread of this disease Coronavirus (COVID -19), and protect the most vulnerable, and that to whom is who we serve.

While this may be disruptive, all of us here will do our part to assist in flatten the curve.

The Niagara Furniture Bank Teams are currently working to ensure ALL community users who are currently scheduled to receive items do just that.  In order to assist in Social Distancing, we will only be delivering curbside and will not be entering any residence.  All signatures that are normally mandatory are being waived.

All donations and community user drop off and pick ups have ceased. We truly appreciate your understanding as it is you the public to whom we wish to protect.  Our scheduled drop off donation event will not be taking place this Saturday and will be rescheduled at a future time.

The Niagara Furniture Bank will be monitoring all agency directives and is in constant communication with those that are helping to create a safe Canada. At anytime things may change, and we will be ready to act immediately and accordingly as mandated.

Collectively We are all in this together.  Stay Home. Stay Safe. Wash your Hands.

Your Niagara Furniture Bank

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Our Offices are Temporary Closed

For immediate Release – June 7, 2022

Dear Community, Staff, Partners, Donors and Friends,

Niagara Furniture Bank has been an integral part of the community since 2008, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs and have always persevered. The goal of this organization has always been to serve those in need as no one ever deserves to sleep on the floor. Due to the Pandemic, unforeseen circumstances and financial hardship the Niagara Furniture Bank has had to make the hard decision to temporarily close as of May 13, 2022. This decision did not come lightly and we weighed all options prior to closure. Efforts are ongoing to explore the feasibility to continue supporting our community.

We ask for patience, understanding and empathy during this time.

Niagara Furniture Bank