2022 Donation Calculator

Did you know a Sofa yields a $336 Tax Receipt to be used on your Tax return? A small kitchen Table is $69 with each chair adding $33 per? $50 is the tax credit for a Microwave and a set of four dishes is $40!

Not only are you giving hope to a fellow community member, but you are keeping these items out of landfills!

Community hope, environmental consciousness and economical reward – all for supporting the Niagara Furniture Bank

Do you have furniture your children no longer use. It could help a child in another family in need here throughout the Niagara Region. Call us at our St Catharines offices at 905-682-8371. A pick up can usually be scheduled within one to two weeks of receiving your call. Niagara Furniture Bank can send our truck to pick up all your items at your home, office or storage unit. We request your items be “curbside ready” ie. at the curb, on your porch, in the garage or other sheltered spot outside your home.

Schedule a pick up. Let us do all the heavy lifting.

Any furniture item may be picked up for $20.00 per item. A "Medium Sized" moving box, or bag of Items may be picked up for $10.00 per box or bag. A single small appliance may be picked up for $10.00 per item. Please send us a photo of your items and a pick up specialist will be happy to assist you and schedule your much needed donation of items.  We ask for these photos to ensure your items are gently used and size appropriate for our community friends.

We issue a tax receipt for the fair market value of your furniture. Your Donation changes the lives of so many who live among us.

Top 60 Items
  • Area Rug - $63.00
  • Baking Utensils - $13.00
  • Bath Towel - $9.00
  • Bed Comforter - $46.00
  • Bed Linen - $28.00
    (Set of 3 pieces - Fitted, Top, Pillow Cases)
  • Bistro Chair - $64.00
  • Book Shelf - $111.00
  • Casserole Dish - $22.00
  • Coffee Maker - $27.00
  • Coffee Table - $181.00
  • Curtain Panels & Window Sheers - $28.00
  • Double Bedframe (steel) - $57.00
  • Double Boxspring - $134.00
  • Double Comforter - $45.00
  • Double Linens - $23.00
    (Set of 3 pieces - Fitted, Top, Pillow Cases)
  • Double Mattress - $259.00
  • End Table - $76.00
  • Face Cloth - $3.00
  • Floor Lamp - $78.00
  • Hand Towel - $5.00
  • Kitchen Chair - $33.00
  • Kitchen Table - $69.00
  • Livingroom Chair - $195.00
  • Livingroom Love Seat - $220.00
  • Livingroom Sofa - $336.00
  • Livingroom Sofa Bed - $423.00
  • Long Dresser - $190.00
  • Microwave - $50.00
  • Night Stand - $38.00
  • Office Chair - $69.00
  • Office Desk - $90.00
  • Pillow - $21.00
  • Pots & Pans - $25.00
    (Set of 4)
  • Queen Bedframe (steel) - $68.00
  • Queen Boxspring - $168.00
  • Queen Comforter - $48.00
  • Queen Linens - $33.00
    (Set of 3 pieces - Fitted, Top, Pillow Cases)
  • Queen Mattress - $288
  • Recliner / Rocker - $230.00
  • Roasting Pan - $28.00
  • Silverware - $22.00 (Set of 4)
    (inc. 4x Knife, 4x Fork, 4x Spoon)
  • Table Lamp - $59.00
  • Tall Dresser - $137.00
  • Tea Kettle - $21.00
  • Toaster - $22.00
  • Towel Sets - $35.00
  • TV Stand - $143.00
  • Twin Bedframe (steel) - $43.00
  • Twin Boxspring - $129.00
  • Twin Comforter - $41.00
  • Twin Linens - $13.00
    (Set of 3 pieces - Fitted, Top, Pillow Cases)
  • Twin Mattress - $230.00
  • Your estimated Charitable Receipt value is:
  • Ready to donate?

    Check the items and quantities you want to donate and submit your information.
    We'll arrange a time for you to drop off your donation. Read about dropping off your donations
    Or we'll arrange for a pick up. Our Fees are NEW and start at $10 per furniture item; $5 per bag or medium moving box; and 5 per appliance. Read more about pick-up fees...

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At this time, the Niagara Furniture Bank is NOT ACCEPTING the following items as Donations. We truly appreciate your assistance and consideration. When the need from our community users increase and our current supply begins to dwindle, these items will once again be welcomed for community user donations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

At this time we are not able to accept the following items:

Washing Machine, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Dish Washer, Mini Fridge, Mini Freezer, Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Air Conditioners, Armories, Dining Room Tables, Dining Room Chairs, Dining Room Side Table, Dining Room Hutches

Here is what happens when you donate furniture

Here is what happens when you donate furniture

Donate furniture and choose to make a better life for someone else. Donate furniture and you are the one that has the power. You are the one who can make all these photos of those isolated with nothing to sit on but the floor completely obsolete! There are just under...



I was in a Night Mare Niagara Furniture Bank Helped Me. Me and husband started having problems when I questioned him about some unusual transactions on our bank account. He had been a bit suspicious for a couple of weeks . So i had to question him and he broke . He...



When My wife passed away 3 years ago I was left alone with my two young girls in Niagara Falls. We had pretty normal life until my land owner sold the place a new person. Without giving us a notice . So Suddenly we didn't have any place to go. I desperately searched...

If you wish to download our printable PDF please click on the Download button below. You can hand in the fillied form when you come to Drop-Off your Items.

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