Estate Pick-Up

Some say that death is easier for the one who died than the ones they’ve left behind.Above all,One of the most overwhelming tasks would be sorting through belongings after death. After all , It is human nature to hold on to tangible reminders of a loved one. However, life moves on. Don't have to throw it out . For instance , Give it to someone in need. 

Why is Estate Planning Important?

When you donate your Loved ones belongings after they pass away. Your are helping out someone in need.Above all ,Our loved one would probably love the idea that someone else is enjoying their possessions.
Children will find delight in playing with preloved toys.
In addition,People Struggling would appreciate getting a proper bed to sleep in at nights.
Similarly, Retirees would enjoy reading out-of-print magazines and watching old movies on a couch you donated.
In addition, a coat rack and shoe rack for warm coat and sturdy shoes are always welcome.
In other words, These belongings may trigger painful memories for you, but they can lead to happy memories for other people..

Estate Pick-Up Process

Before Donation


When you Donate your loved ones belonging to us you are enabling their memories to live through them .  In other words, You are providing to someone in desperate need allowing them to be helpful for your loved ones forever.

Give us a Call on 905-682-8371   or Contact Us to schedule a Pick-Up with Us.

During peak periods, it takes about 2 weeks to schedule a pick up.  Therefore , Please give us as much notice as you can. The average time to book an appointment is 5 working days.

On the day of Donation


Our drivers will arive at the scheduled pick-up time.

They will conatact you within 20 mins before the destination to give you a heads-up.

Please provide them with proper direction based on the quote that was put in.

After that, Payments could be done in cash or through Debit/ Credit.

After Donation


The government allows us to receipt for goods donated at a “fair market value”.Rates for donated furniture are fixed.

For example, if you donated a sofa couch you would be given a receipt for $300.Similarly,  If you donated a End Table or Coffee Table you would be given a receipt for $70.

In addition, the reciept will be email to you within 1 weeks.

To see the receipt value of items we collect visit our donation calculator.



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