Furniture Drop-Off

Often people find themselves with good home furnishings that they no longer require and  No one they know needs the pieces that simply are too good to go in land fill!

Donate it to us. Above all,as a result help someone in need.

Contact Us For more information.

Why Furniture Drop-Off ?


If the furnitures in your office or home are being replaced or removed , the chances are you might have a need for them any more.However , These are needed by non- profits around the world.While you could throw out or recycle these items, you'll get more satisfaction out of knowing you've helped someone in need. Above all, For some People having a bed or couch may the luxury that they could not have afforded.

Furniture Drop-Off Process

Before Donation


CALL us on 905-682-8371 to let us know when you would like to come in for your Furntiure Drop- Off.

Provide Us your contact detail to keep us upto to date about the drop-off.

Use our Donation Calculator - Let us know what items would you like to donate and the Charitable tax recipt for it.

On The Day Of Donation


Face masks have become a requirement while in the office location. We kindly ask that you do not remove your mask at any time during the donation process.

We Highly encourage the donor to contact Us 20 minutes before the Drop-off so that we could be prepared for it.

Come to the Dedicated Drop-Off Gate(Not the office Entrance ) to Drop-Off the Items.

Ring the Doorbell and you will be greated by someone from the office.

They will Confirm the Drop-off and recieve the items

After Donation


The government allows us to receipt for goods donated at a “fair market value”. The rates for donated furniture are fixed.

For example, if you donated a sofa couch you would be given a receipt for $300. If you donated a End Table or Coffee Table you would be given a receipt for $70.

In addition, The recipt will be email to you within 2 Business days.

To see the receipt value of items we collect visit our donation calculator.



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Testimonial – Jaclyn

Testimonial – Jaclyn

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