Furniture Pick-Up

When donating Furniture, you are providing to someone in need. Often people find themselves with good home furnishings that they no longer require and no one they know needs the pieces that simply are too good to go in land fill!

We are very pleased to provide our pick-up service in Niagara Region.In Addition, We are constantly making efforts to improve our donor experience. Contact Us For more information.

Why Schedule a Furniture Pick-Up ?


Getting rid of large items like sofas or dining tables can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Instead of taking the time to market and sell your item or leaving it out on your curb for days ,Donate it to us. In other words,  All you have to do is make a phone call and the bulky, unwanted furniture is out of your life for good.


Furniture Pick-Up Process

Before Donation


CALL - Let us know what you’d like to donate. 905-682-8371 or request a pickup

SCHEDULE - We’ll schedule a pickup date

In peak periods, it takes about 2 weeks to schedule a pick up.  Please give us as much notice as you can. In conclution the average time to book an appointment is 5 working days.


On The Day Of Donation


Our drivers will arive at the scheduled pick-up time.

They will conatact you within 20 mins before the destination to give you a heads-up.

Please provide them with proper direction based on the quote that was put in.

Payments could be done in cash or through Debit/ Credit.

After Donation


The government allows us to receipt for goods donated at a “fair market value”. The rates for donated furniture are fixed.

For example, if you donated a sofa couch you would be given a receipt for $300. And If you donated a End Table or Coffee Table you would be given a receipt for $70. In addition the recipt will be email to you within 1-2 weeks.

To see the receipt value of items we collect visit our donation calculator.

Testimonial – Hailey

Testimonial – Hailey

Niagara furniture Bank helped me realize that my unwanted furniture is wanted by someone else. On new year was when my boyfriend proposed to me. By the beginning of February was when I moved in with him. I was really excited about the move in with him to Grimsby. When...

Testimonial – Peter

Testimonial – Peter

Niagara Furniture Bank helped me leave my footprint in the world. When I graduated on December of last year , I was really sad actually. Because For the last 3 year Niagara College was my home . I had made a lot of friends. I got really attached to my dorm room too....



How Niagara Furniture Bank helped me help others in need. When me and my husband bought a new house in Niagara Falls. we were really excited. I did live in Niagara Falls for the past 12 years. I am also a volunteer of the Niagara Community Health center in Niagara...

Ready To Donate ?

Improve the Furniture Pick-Up Process


Face masks have become a requirement while the drivers are in the pick-up location. However, we kindly ask that you do not remove your mask at any time during the donation process.

Our Fees of $20.00 per furniture item (large item), these include but are not limited to box springs, dressers, kitchen tables, metal bed frames, night stands, sofas, etc.

$10.00 per an appliance. OR fill a Medium box with several appliances or fill bag full of Bed Linens, Towels and pillows.

Medium Boxes for $10 may by filled with small appliance, such as coffee makers, kettles, toasters or microwaves, etc. There is a charge of $5.00 per kitchen or dining room chair.

Because Coming into your home to remove items takes more time so indoor donation pick ups are an additional $50.In addition Apartment or condo building donation pick ups are an additional $75.

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