Niagara Furniture Bank Helped me get back up in life

I had to be on my own ever since I was 17. I had struggled for years and I was on a path to my dissent. In the beginning I had some money and I thought that would last me forever. All I was doing was enjoying my freedom and partying all day . I started skipping school and hanging out with random guys. Soon I ended up dropping out from school . By the age of 18 I was living on the streets in St Catharines. I realized that all the decision that I took just ended up taking a turn for the worst. So I decided t get back on my feet .I contacted Ontario works and they were able to get me some financial assistance.

From living on the streets to living in a home

I contacted YWCA and told them about my situation and they instantly sent help for me. I was at their women’s shelter for a while. which gave me some to think about what to do next. Then I contacted every one I knew and a friend of mine was able to get me a job at a farm. And she was able to get me her friends basement to stay in. And I needed some furniture for the basement. Ontario works recommended me about Niagara Furniture Bank. I was provided a case worker and she was really amazing. All my paperwork for furniture was done by her. She requested furniture from Niagara Furniture Bank on behalf of me. She even filled my form to get furniture.

” Making a wrong decision is understandable , All you have to do is learn from it and move on “

Niagara Furniture Bank were polite about providing me with the required furniture. All I had in that basement was an old torn mattress and nothing else .Not even a chair or table. But for me at that time it was everything. Because I was sleeping on the side of the road. They provided me with mattress , tables and chair and even more items . They even went as afar providing me the necessary kitchen utensils. I am really thankful to Ontario works and Niagara furniture bank for helping me get back up from living on the streets to living in a proper home.

Francia – St Catharines – Individual

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Our Offices are Temporary Closed

For immediate Release – June 7, 2022

Dear Community, Staff, Partners, Donors and Friends,

Niagara Furniture Bank has been an integral part of the community since 2008, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs and have always persevered. The goal of this organization has always been to serve those in need as no one ever deserves to sleep on the floor. Due to the Pandemic, unforeseen circumstances and financial hardship the Niagara Furniture Bank has had to make the hard decision to temporarily close as of May 13, 2022. This decision did not come lightly and we weighed all options prior to closure. Efforts are ongoing to explore the feasibility to continue supporting our community.

We ask for patience, understanding and empathy during this time.

Niagara Furniture Bank