Niagara Furniture Bank launches a Sleep-a-thon 2021

We are excited to announce the Niagara Furniture Bank launches a Sleep-a-thon 2021. A fundraiser taking place on May 15th to raise awareness around the importance of a good night rest. 

Sign up and Registrations are NOW available!!

According to Sleep Research, after multiple nights of sleep restriction, there was a progressive reduction in sustained attention and speed of processing.

Right now, here in the Niagara Region alone, there are approximately 56,000 people sleeping on the floor. This number is staggering and merely shows us how many individuals do not have access to proper beds or adequate sleep for that matter. 

In December of 2020, our goal was to deliver 30 beds to some of the vulnerable members in our community. 

By the New Year, we successfully reached our goal. 

We want to help 250 people living here in the Niagara Region

This time, in 2021, we want to do even more. We can help 250 individuals in our community by delivering them the items they need for their home. Moreover, we want to ensure that each person receives a quality bed to sleep on “…cause’ no one deserves to sleep on the floor.” As our very first Virtual Fundraising Sleep-a-thon, we want to put 250 individuals here in Niagara in their own, “New to Them” Bed, with Box Spring, Bed Fame, Sheets, Blankets and Pillow.

How does our virtual fundraiser work? It’s very simple! 

First, participants will reach out to family and friends and start arranging your teams. Pick there Team a Captain! The involvement in the cause means a good night’s sleep for someone.

Second, pick your favourite pyjamas (make sure they’re your most comfortable pair), purge all of your electronics, turn your lights off and begin sleeping peacefully so that someone isn’t sleeping on the floor. Don’t forget Mr Teddy for all the snuggles!

Third, pick the day that you, or you and your team will be sleeping for equality. Commit to your day and sleep between Saturday May 14th to Sunday May 23rd. Share the message and your journey tagging us on social media, using the hashtags #NFBSleep4Equality21 #NFBS4E21 #ISleepSoThatOthersMay #Sleep4Equality #S4ENFB21

Fourth, Watch for our announcement and final total along with the number of beds to be provided release on Thursday 27th, 2021.

Let’s help people sleep and let’s have fun while we’re at it!

To provide the 250 individuals with a proper bed and all components the financial goal is set at $37,500.00 . With the success of this new initiative, it is hoped this will be a catalyst annual event that grows year of year. 

Click the link below so that you can register your friends and family for our virtual Sleep-a-thon 2021 on May 15th. We look forward to seeing your involvement in this cause!

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