Good morning everyone! I would like to take the time today to introduce myself. My name is Austin and I have been given the pleasure of working here at the Niagara Furniture Bank this summer before returning to school in the fall.

The Niagara Furniture Bank collects gently used home furnishing in order to provide individuals and families in Niagara Region with the beds, tables, chairs and other furnishings that turn “shelters” into “homes”.

While people occasionally associate the word furniture with big ticket Items such as couches, beds and dining room tables, the Furniture Bank would be more than happy to accept donations of smaller items such as pots & pans, linens, microwaves and comforters.

Spring is in full swing and if you or anyone you know is doing some spring cleaning and looking to move on from their furniture, help us keep us busy and the community comfortable by donating to the Furniture Bank and receive a charitable tax receipt in return.

I will be posting pictures, videos and updates of my time here at the Niagara Furniture Bank on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages in order to both share my experience as a summer student with our followers all the while spreading awareness of the Furniture Bank.

The ultimate goal with for the summer is to hopefully inspire individuals to begin or continue to donate to us and help those in the Niagara Region. I look forward to joining the Niagara Furniture Bank team and taking this summer to gain valuable experience for my future and helping serve my community.

I hope you will join me all summer long, as I do truly hope to share the stories, the passion, and the incredible spirit of all people. From those who donate, to those who volunteer.  We are here to assist those who wish a hand up, not a hand out.

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