These are some testimonials that have been sent in by users:

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My name is Rick M. I am 44yrs old. Up until e few years ago I had a great job in management in the auto sector, I was married with 4 children and owned a home in Niagara Falls.  I’ve come to learn that circumstances can change quickly. Jobs are lost. Husbands and wive’s separate, and your world can quickly crumble around you.

The last 4 years have been a rollercoaster for me. Depression was crippling and I had no hope. Things started to change after I revisited my faith…which was once strong but recently I questioned. What I like to call Angels started showing up in my life and things started to change. There were many that I literally owe my sanity and quite frankly my life to. I wanted to write to some of them hoping an impact statement such as this will continue to foster the spirit of giving, sharing, and helping your fellow man.

A truck backs into my driveway one day…(Niagara Furniture Bank) on the side. I was not expecting much but was grateful never the less. I had recently moved into my own apartment with some help, and had been sleeping on the floor, no furnishings to speak of, but again grateful for a roof over my head. I had slept in far worse conditions ..looking back.Two kind gentlemen started unloading furniture..a couch, chair , tables,kitchenware.,a beautiful dresser, etc.  I was quite taken of the condition of these items they were in great shape,..and the I was just overwhelmed when I saw my new bed. A top of the line Seally Mattress and boxspring still in plastic wrap, and a solid wood frame with a 4 post black metal frame.I lugged that bedroom set up the stairs myself, I could not wait to set it up.

They say you spend a third of your life sleeping so you need a good mattress. It is so true.I woke the next morning and felt invigorated, besides the physical and mental affects that a good sleep gives you, I had such a warm feeling for those anonymous people that give so freely. Things started to change. I was getting up refreshed and I had a new found commitment  to get my life back. I had hope again. It is a few months later….I am off of assistance, I have fulltime employment with a great company and I am getting excellent reviews, I go to church, and I am getting my family back in my life. There are Angels among us, they also work through us..if we let them, and you can find some of them at the Niagara Furniture Bank.

Thank-you all again,

— Rick M

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1. Tell us how you first heard about our organization?


2. What was the reason for wanting to donate to us?

I liked the cause, when the staff told me that some people were sleeping on the floors and had nothing I wanted to help. I was blessed by god and I want to do my part in helping others. I will definitely call again in the future.

3. Do you have any comments about our staff?

Every single person from the first phone call to pick up to the last call was very professional and kind. You can tell just by talking to the staff that they all love their jobs and I believe they are doing god’s work.

4. Any other comments?

I adopted my son Peter from Romania when he was very young and he has always been my inspiration to want to help others.

— Tony Spiridi

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  1. Tell us how you first became involved with our organization?
    The Hope House referred her to the Hope Center who then referred her to Niagara Furniture Bank
  2. What is the best thing/change that has happened to you as a result of our services?
    I’m sleeping in a bed for the first time in over a year and I have been rebuilding my home  with furnishing which I couldn’t have afforded to do without the help of Niagara furniture bank
  3. Why was this important to you?
    The furniture bank helped give me a good sense of well being; to know that no one can take away my furniture is a great feeling.
— Cathy

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I got a bed and before that I used to get up in the morning with back pains. I used have problems. Now I have no more pain. It’s the best thing that I have ever gotten. Thank you for who ever picked the bed out for me. They couldn’t have done a better job unless I did it myself. I really do appreciate it.

— Anonymous

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If it weren’t for Niagara Furniture Bank I would be sitting on the floor. I would be sleeping on my floor and as for cooking I wouldn’t be able to. To put a price on it: it is priceless.

— Anonymous

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I now have a more comfortable day to day life. I am very happy with the services they are providing. I hope they keep helping the families with low incomes.

— Anonymous





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