Support the Niagara Furniture Bank

When you support the Niagara Furniture Bank you directly help fund our programs and initiatives. It is these programs that are most importantly in need of aid as they directly finance and support individuals, families, new immigrants and refugees.

These are people living throughout the Niagara Region who may be primarily disabled. Members of marginalized groups. Seniors. New comers to Canada. Or those escaping from the traumatization and horrors of human trafficking. Those suffering from addictions. Or war torn nations.

We partner with a large number of registered agencies that work here to help end poverty. Bring people in off the streets. Settle people into a new life by turning shelters, temporary and permanent houses into safe, warm, loving and inviting homes.

Support the Niagara Furniture Bank. Please give as much as you can today, so that our communities can reach their fullest potential.

Sign up to make your monthly contribution or a one time donation by completing the form below.

You can change or stop your monthly gift at any time by contacting us at or by calling 905-682-8371.

Every act of giving counts. You can make a difference through financial gifts.

Whichever way you choose to give, be it one time, once every year, or continue with your monthly donation, it is you who are helping to change lives and deliver the true results that matter.



Donate to the Niagara Furniture Bank
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