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Come volunteer at Niagara Furniture Bank... because no one should sleep on the floor.

We have a warehouse on Ontario St in St. Catharines, ON. We enjoy working with volunteers and welcome inquires at our office. You would tailor your own schedule and timings in conjunction with your supervisor. Call 905-682-8371 or email our volunteer coordinator at office@niagarafurniturebank.com. Students who need to find co-op placements are also welcome to call the office and explain what their program is and what sort of experience they are looking for.

Volunteer Roles

Here are some ideas of the types of things volunteers do at the Niagara Furniture Bank.

Furniture and Housewares - sorting and packing

Activities in the warehouse vary from day to day. The work can be light such as sorting bed linens and towels and unpacking dishes and kitchenware or heavier such as moving furniture around in the warehouse to make room in coming donations. The great thing is the variety!! you don’t have to do the same thing over and over... Maybe you start with organizing the coffee tables and then sit down for a while and organize towels into sets and bag them.

Furniture Repair

Perfect for the “handyman” in anyone! There are so many items that need just a little repair...a joint re-glued, a nail/screw to secure a chair leg, sanding and a touch of paint... help us keep these items out of landfill.

Furniture Handler and Delivery Volunteer

This position helps on the truck and in the warehouse to fill and deliver orders of home furnishings to families and individuals in need in the Niagara Region. You will be helping to turn shelter into a home! This is a physically demanding position that requires lifting. Furniture is taken from our warehouse and loaded onto the truck and then unloaded and taken to the door of the house or apartment of the recipient in the Niagara Region. Furniture donations are picked up from homes, apartments and corporate sponsors on a regular basis. Accurate record keeping is required for mileage and to ensure that the right furniture is delivered to the correct location.

Office Support

Office support volunteers are essential to help us provide quick, friendly, accurate information to people looking for help from the Furniture Bank or looking to donate furnishings to the Furniture Bank. The office is located at 53 Ontario Street St. Catharines, Ontario. Hours are flexible from 8:30 am to 3:30pm in 3 hr blocks.

Skills and characteristics required:

  1. A friendly, clear phone manner... a high degree of fluency in English is required
  2. Patience in dealing with the public over the phone
  3. Accurate note-taking

Events Help

Sometimes we have drop off days with community partners around the region. We need help on those days to record donations and load and unload the truck. Events are a great way to get to know us.

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