what we got ,could be given to others in need

On February 2nd me and my husband bought a new house for us in welland. It was close to Niagara college welland campus. When we started moving in we realized that some of furniture doesn’t suite the new house . So we decided to buy the new ones. As a result we bought new furniture for the house. But now had a lot of used furnitures that we didn’t need anymore. All the furniture that we had in our old house was given to us when my dad passed away. So we wanted to do the same thing when we were moving . we tried to give it to some relatives but nobody really needed any used furnitures. Because these were good furniture bud were like old designs.

As a result we decided to donate to other in need of it. we wanted to give to somebody who could actually take all of it altogether because if not we will be left furniture that we didn’t have any storage space to store. But we couldn’t find any. So a friend of my husband in the YMCA suggested Niagara Furniture Bank to us.

” I learnt to GIVE not because I have many , but because I know exactly how it feels to have NOTHING “

I contacted Niagara Furniture Bank for my furniture donation. They were polite and welcoming  about my furniture drop off and donating it to others in need. Their services were really amazing. They were really comforting throughout the process. I received a charitable tax receipt for all donated items. I am more than satisfied with their services. From the phone call till the actual drop off they were very polite and efficient. I would be more than happy recommend Niagara Furniture Bank to someone in need of an furniture drop off.

Daisy – Welland – Furniture Drop- off

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