Coronavirus Update: The Niagara Furniture Bank is Open

As part of the The Prime Minister of Canada’s introduced strategies, in working with the Canadian Alliance to End Homeless and to aid in the quick and fast response to COVID-19, the Niagara Furniture will remain OPEN. The Prime Minister of Canada is quoted in saying,...

COVID – 19 – Niagara Furniture Bank Release

The Niagara Furniture Bank Teams are currently working to ensure ALL community users who are currently scheduled to receive items do just that.  In order to assist in Social Distancing, we will only be delivering curbside and will not be entering any residence.  All signatures that are normally mandatory are being waived.

Cause no one deserves to sleep on the floor . . .

Consider donating your gently used furniture and housewares. The Niagara Furniture Bank distributes these donations to people in need across the Niagara Region.  Call us today to arrange a pick-up for a small fee. Learn how you can receive a tax receipt for all items you donate.  Help our environment and keep bulk items out of our land fills.  You can help with the smallest item to the largest. Call us to Donate today to the Niagara Furniture Bank.

With your help we are making a difference

If it weren’t for Niagara Furniture Bank I would be sitting on the floor. I would be sleeping on my floor and as for cooking I wouldn’t be able to. To put a price on it; it is priceless. I now have a more comfortable day to day life. I am very happy with the services they are providing. I hope they keep helping the families here in the Niagara Region.
Kathy M

The furniture bank helped give me a good sense of well being; to know that no one can take away my furniture is a great feeling. I got a bed and before that I used to get up in the morning with back pains. I used have problems. Now I have no more pain. It’s the best thing that I have ever gotten. Thank you to who ever picked the bed.
Tony S

By the Numbers - JULY 2020

People Donated Items

Individuals and Families Assisted

Total Tons not put into our Landfils

By the Numbers 2020 - YEAR TO DATE - Ending July 31

People who Donated

Assistance Provided

Individuals Assisted

Families Assisted

Tons Repurposed in the 10,000's

Proudly Showcasing our Partners and Supporters who are making a positive change

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultrual Centre
Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre
Elisha House Pregnancy and Family Support Centre
Niagara Regional Housing
Wise Guys Charity Fund - Niagara Furniture Bank
Niagara Community Foundation - Niagara Furniture Bank
Epilepsy Niagara - Niagara Furniture Bank
Community Care St. Catharines Thorold- Niagara Furniture Bank
Southridge Shelter - Niagara Furniture Bank
Women's Place - Nova House - Niagara Furniture Bank
Gillian's Place - Niagara Furniture Bank
Oak Centre House - Niagara Furniture Bank
The Raft - The Raft - Niagara Resource Service for Yout - Raft - Empowering Our Youth - Niagara Furniture Bank
Port Cares - Niagara Furniture Bank
The Hope Centre - Niagara Furniture Bank
Perch for Women - Niagara Furniture Bank
Salvation Army - Niagara Furniture Bank

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Niagara Furniture Bank is here to support our community through your generous donations.  


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