Donate furniture and choose to make a better life for someone else.

Donate furniture and you are the one that has the power. You are the one who can make all these photos of those isolated with nothing to sit on but the floor completely obsolete!

There are just under half a million people living in the Niagara Region. Many of them live with unwanted furniture that is cluttering their homes, offices, work spaces and storage units. This could be because these items have been replaced. They are gently worn. Or they have been left unused by the owners. For many who are fortunate to have these objects, the first instinct should not be to throw them out onto the sidewalk. Many of these items are still of value, and the Niagara Furniture Bank is willing to take them away. We will make sure your furniture is getting the use it can still provide. All the while being used to the best of its ability.

It is very important when disposing of your gently used furniture. Whether you are remodeling, doing renovations, or moving into a new home remember that your unwanted items are valuable to someone who truly needs them. Your old it someone else’s new.

When you donate furniture, you give your furniture another chance to be loved and cherished by someone else. Currently, Niagara Furniture Bank works directly with over 110 local agencies and Government branches. These include Ontario Works , Ontario Disability Support Programs. Along with many Family and Children Aid Service Societies throughout Southwestern Ontario. We collect your items and get them into the homes of those in need.

You can donate furniture and change a life

As conversations about sustainability start to intensify with more and more people choosing a sustainable lifestyles. Each year millions of pounds of furniture and household appliances end up in our precious environmental landfills and it’s time we all choose to help change this.

Thanks to our close working relationships with agencies, we also offer a chance for individuals and families to visit our new-to-them second-hand showroom. Here each person selects the items they choose to help them make their spaces unique.

Today these days are offered only once a month. These are our “Pay What You Can” events. We are working hard and intend to offer this program more frequently in the months and years to come.

At Niagara Furniture Bank, we do offer a fee per item pick up service. Whether it be at your home, your office, or wherever. We can come to you, do the heavy lifting. And provide you a Charitable Tax Receipt.

Donate furniture and make a difference in your community!

Donate your furniture to the Niagara Furniture Bank. Help us achieve our vision and create a world where no one sleeps on the floor. To schedule your furniture pickup, contact us at or call (905) 682-8371.

You can drop off your lightly used items for free. You still receive a charitable tax receipt for everything item you donate. Every item has its own fair market value. You receive this in the form of a registered charitable tax receipt.

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Our offices will be closed today Monday January 17, 2022

Niagara Furniture Bank - Closed due to weather - Jan 17 2022

The Office will be closed to keep the safety of our staff a top priority. We request all donation drop offs to please hold off on your in person donations as we will not be there to accept them. Operations should resume on Tuesday January 18th, 2022. We will keep you posted via our website and social media channels.

Our pickup and delivery specialists will be reaching out to all those affected to coordinate alternative arrangements.