I was in a Night Mare Niagara Furniture Bank Helped Me.

Me and husband started having problems when I questioned him about some unusual transactions on our bank account. He had been a bit suspicious for a couple of weeks . So i had to question him and he broke . He had been cheating on me behind my back. It wasn't smooth ever since every single time i had questioned it he would hit me. I had to adjust because I didn't have anywhere else to go. He knew it too that's why he kept on abusing me. But when he started laying his hands on my kids i deiced to get out.

At first I didn't knew what to do . I was at my friends house at first. She helped me get in touch with Gillian's place in St Catharines. They took me in and gave me a place to stay . They helped me with my Ontario works process. Ontario works was able to get me some financial assistance. So with the help of everyone I was able find a house for me and my kids.

When I needed furniture I had no option to pay for it . So I asked everyone if I could get some mattresses for free. nobody had any good ones. But that's when Gillian's Place suggested Niagara Furniture Bank. So when I contacted Ontario works and requested them about it my case worker told me that i was able to get mattresses for free. They would take care of the cost.

" We Rise By Lifting others "

I contacted Niagara Furniture Bank for my furniture request.  All I had to do was full out the application form and all my furniture where delivered to me within a week. They were really nice about the whole process. It was really easy too . Niagara Furniture Bank gave me more what I had requested for . They brought me enough for more than what I had requested for. They brought me a mattress and study table and a whole lot of things. Thanks to them I am able to sleep peacefully and focus on college.

Oscar - St Catharines - Two Large Items
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Our Offices are Temporary Closed

For immediate Release – June 7, 2022

Dear Community, Staff, Partners, Donors and Friends,

Niagara Furniture Bank has been an integral part of the community since 2008, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs and have always persevered. The goal of this organization has always been to serve those in need as no one ever deserves to sleep on the floor. Due to the Pandemic, unforeseen circumstances and financial hardship the Niagara Furniture Bank has had to make the hard decision to temporarily close as of May 13, 2022. This decision did not come lightly and we weighed all options prior to closure. Efforts are ongoing to explore the feasibility to continue supporting our community.

We ask for patience, understanding and empathy during this time.

Niagara Furniture Bank